MediaNet Services Overview

MediaNet gives your business the power of music, providing a full suite of pro-level music licensing, delivery, reporting, and payment tools. Our digital music and copyright management services are scalable from the leanest startup to global enterprise companies. MediaNet makes it possible for digital service providers (DSPs) to integrate music into your service the right way, no matter your size or experience.

License & Royalty Administration

MediaNet offers the music industry’s only full-service, end-to-end licensing and royalty administration platform for digital service providers, labels, and distributors.

Our comprehensive administration platform allows us to:
  • License major and independent catalogs for business use
  • Map and match sound recordings to publishing data
  • File NOIs and eNOIs for the use of compositions
  • Distribute royalties to all rightsholders for use of their IP

Using digital music for business begins with obtaining the proper licensing from rightsholders and fulfilling the requisite reporting and payment obligations. We make it easy to be in clear legal standing for all business uses of music, no matter how embryonic or complex.

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Integration Options and Tools

MediaNet’s integration options and tools bring you the right level of control for your service.

Through our platform you can implement:
  • MN Open API - Search our catalog, retrieve information and transact all through our lightweight, easy to integrate APIs.
  • Data Feeds - Our XML Data Feeds give you access to a constantly updated file containing the Metadata of our entire catalog. Great for catalog matching and more customized search features.
  • Download Manager and more
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Powering Music Is Our Business

MediaNet services are created by digital music experts, hand-in-hand with content owners and rightsholders, to ensure maximum quality and functionality at low costs. MediaNet services can be integrated any way you want, giving you control.