License & Royalty Administration

MediaNet offers the music industry’s only full-service, end-to-end licensing and royalty administration platform for digital service providers, labels, and distributors. We simplify music licensing and royalty distribution, erasing the burden of using multiple third-party suppliers and the costs of building expensive technology architecture. MediaNet provides all the licensing and royalty administration services you need.


MediaNet helps DSPs license sound recording rights, reproduction (“mechanical”) rights, and public performance rights using our pass-through licenses. We also support DSPs with direct label and publisher licenses, or help secure mechanical rights by issuing NOIs and eNOIs on your behalf for compulsory licenses. We can then build custom catalogs based on these licenses.

For label owners and distributors, MediaNet can ingest your music catalog for licensed use on our retail partner platforms, file NOIs and eNOIs for compulsory mechanical licenses on your behalf, and administer the payments you owe to publishers.

Matching & Reporting

MediaNet’s proprietary rights-managed music catalog simplifies the process of matching sound recording data to underlying musical compositions. By sending MediaNet data on sound recording usage, DSPs and labels can use our industry-leading ownership information to receive royalty reporting in three easy steps:

  1. You send sound recording play data (and relevant financial information for your service, if applicable) to MediaNet
  2. MediaNet matches sound recording usage to the underlying musical works via our Rights Administration database
  3. MediaNet presents you a single invoice for all royalties owed, including full accounting for ownership splits
Royalty Distribution

MediaNet can invoice and pay royalties to label owners and publishers on your behalf. These services are provided to DSPs and label owners who send us data for Matching & Reporting, or DSPs who use MediaNet's content fulfillment and delivery services.

Our royalty distribution services can administer payments for major music uses, including:
  • On-Demand and Radio Streaming
  • Business Venue Background Music
  • Conditional and Purchase Downloads
  • Ringtones/Ringback Tones
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