Digital Music Services

MediaNet’s suite of business-facing digital music services and tools cover every music need, including: catalog ingestion, content delivery, eCommerce tools and transactions, discovery, extended metadata, reporting, and payments. If you want to build a music service or integrate music into your application, we can help.

Catalog Ingestion

MediaNet ingests content into our 68M track global catalog every day from major and independent labels and distributors across the globe. If you are a content owner and want your music on the MediaNet platform, making it available on our wide array of retail partner music services, request to add your content here.

Rights-Managed Custom Catalog

Using our global music catalog and your individual licensing circumstances, MediaNet can create a complete custom music catalog for your service. Our fully rights-managed custom catalogs include only the content you’re licensed for, growing and changing each week based on our continuous ingestion of content and data.

Content Fulfillment and Delivery

Music has never been easier to integrate and deliver. With MediaNet you can build world-class music features and services, whether you want to provide purchase downloads, internet radio, on-demand streaming, or user-generated content. We ingest, store, manage, and deliver content directly to end users, leaving you to focus on your user experience. We also support origin scenarios.

Purchase Downloads

Offer a superior music download experience. Maximize revenue through up-selling, cross-selling, and more. Music is available in multiple territories with multiple download codecs and asset types.

Internet Radio

Develop your own sit-back internet radio service. Pair this capability with our Recommendation Engine to effortlessly create track and artist playlists on the fly.

On-Demand Streaming

Have an on-demand streaming service in mind? MediaNet has over 16 years of experience providing enterprise-level streaming capabilities for use in desktop and mobile applications.

User-Generated Content

UGC is the hottest music use in the market. Integrate 30-second samples of music into your app, or license an entire custom, rights-managed catalog and become the next

Music Metadata

Our content feeds and APIs are packed with rich music metadata. Each download and stream includes album art, release date, artist name, and much more. Our Discovery and Recommendations APIs are also fully rights-managed, suggesting only the tracks you have licensed.

eCommerce Tools

Many digital music implementations require eCommerce solutions. MediaNet’s secure eCommerce and purchase path tools can simplify this process, with features including:

  • Full shopping cart functionality
  • Transaction processing
    • Via credit card (retail price) or pre-funded account balance (wholesale price)
  • Visa and MasterCard acceptance (some territories may vary)
  • Industry-standard TLS/SSL encryption and security
  • Flexible pricing rules

Portal and Reporting

MediaNet’s Customer Portal allows you to manage account preferences and balance, as well as access analytics and transaction reports.

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