MediaNet Content Distribution Platform

We offer state of the art hosted content services at a low cost. Let MediaNet’s nine years of experience in the industry work for your company whether you are a major label, an independent or music aggregator.

Experience - For nearly a decade, MediaNet has provided content from labels of all sizes to digital service providers (DSPs) and established ourselves as the leading B2B platform for content hosting and distribution. MediaNet now offers a new generation of Web 2.0 tools that make launching a music website or application simpler and faster than ever.

Quick to launch - Web site publishers and application developers can create music services in record speed without the expense of extensive music licensing and software development. A flexible display architecture allows DSPs to fully customize the look and feel of their services.

Low cost - MediaNet’s ability to offer a solution that is fast and easy to integrate and has no upfront costs or monthly minimums, accelerates the time to market and revenue generation.

We offer:
  • A versatile distribution platform that supports music subscriptions, download sales, streaming and discovery
  • A tested, reliable infrastructure
  • A self service, low cost model
  • A wide range of value added services to Content Partners
    and DSPs
  • Online portals with full featured analytics
  • Tier 1 and 2 customer support
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