MediaNet Technology

The MediaNet technology platform has been powering the leading brands in music for over a decade. Highly scalable, yet extremely flexible, the platform serves up over 3 billion full-length plays per month.

MN Platform

The MN Platform is a high throughput enterprise class platform that manages all of the complexities around the delivery of digital music content.

  • Enterprise class platform written in Java/Oracle running on Linux.
  • Multiple Petabytes (PB) of high-end NetApp storage.
  • Manages ingestion of digital content and metadata from thousands of content partners.
  • Packages and encodes content in multiple formats, including:
    • MP3s: 320kbps, 256kbps, and 128kbps.
    • AACs: 64kbps, 48kbps.
    • Other formats and custom encoding available.
  • Manages catalogs in multiple territories.
  • Delivers content as downloads, streams, or as part of a subscription service.
  • Flexible enough to handle customers that have their own direct music label licenses, that want to use our licenses, or a combination of the two.
  • High performance search using Lucene.
  • Data warehouse and reporting system that handles reporting and royalty payments to rights holders.


The MN Open API is an easy to use interface, providing you with a rich set of functionality for music discovery and fulfillment.

  • REST-based HTTP service makes it easy to work with and integrate using any programming language.
  • Responses returned in either XML or JSON.
  • Supports credit-card based transactions or allows purchasing of content via account balance for easy integration with your own commerce platform.
  • Highly secure, using a combination of API Keys, shared secret hash codes, and SSL.
  • Rich metadata including samples, album art cover, artist photos, pricings, as well as complete album and track information.
  • Highly flexible search capabilities with paging and fuzzy matching.
  • Real-time content match capabilities using any combination of Artist, Song Title, Album, ISRC, UPC, and/or ROVI ID.
  • Rich user management and shopping cart capabilities.
  • Light-weight download manager available or build your own.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.
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A REST based HTTP service that is full featured and fast to implement, your media needs can be met by this enterprise solution. More information on MediaNet’s MN Open API

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