The MN Open API provides rich functionality, easy integration, and rapid implementation of digital media content discovery, listening and purchase. The API is a REST-based HTTP service built on top of MediaNet’s highly-scalable Enterprise Platform. Returning responses in either XML or JSON, it’s simple to incorporate into your website or application.

With control over the user interface, a feature-rich set of commands and a fully secure environment, the MN Open API delivers all services under your brand. Give access to up to over 35 Million+ high-quality tracks and music videos from all major music labels and thousands of independent labels. The multi-territory catalog is available for Content Fulfillment services and all Content Information services including bios, abstracts, and recommendations.

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API for Content Fulfillment

The MN Open API provides a complete back-end solution for managing user accounts and content delivery

  • User account creation and management
  • Optional Download Manager: Fully featured Browser Plug-In automatically direct files to iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other player
  • Commerce: The MN Open API gives you the flexibility of processing end-user payments or integrating into your own commerce system
    • Full-featured shopping cart functionality
    • Transaction processing via credit card or account balance
    • Major credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard
    • Industry-standard SSL encryption and security
    • Flexibility in pricing rules with some options
  • Reporting and Management
    • Let MediaNet take care of the details of tracking and reporting
    • Online self-service reporting portal provides insight into usage and user behavior
    • Full self-service financial transaction reporting
    • Automated tracking and reporting to thousands of content partners and reporting agencies

API for Content Information

The MN Open API provides a complete solution to deliver the right Content Fulfillment to your service using the Content Guide or Content Recommendations. Let your customers discover and consume more music and associated content.

  • MN Open API is the gateway to taking control of all the entertainment data provided through the different features
  • Recommendations are currently offered only through the API
  • API is well documented, efficient and consistent

MN Open API Basic

The API Basic starter package contains a set of API calls that your free account gives you access to. You can:

  • Transact using the MediaNet commerce options
    • Receive revenue share
    • Full purchase path
    • Credit Card processing
  • Get metadata like album cover art, artist, album name, track name…
  • Full reporting via the MediaNet Customer Portal
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