Integration Support Tools

MediaNet also offers a set of tools to support and simplify your development efforts. Our Download Manager and Flash Player can now be used as individual components on your service (available with a Plus account).

Download Manager

MediaNet developed and refined a key component of content fulfillment. Our Download Manager is available as a modular component for custom application integration which facilitates downloads of music. It is fully integrated with MediaNet’s purchase path and gives your users many benefits.

  • Integrated with main media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player. Downloads are automatically registered with the application so users can access their content right away.
  • With asynchronous downloads, content is delivered faster.
  • The available download history reduces customer service calls.
  • Re-downloads content when initial download does not complete successfully.
  • Lightweight ActiveX control for Internet Explorer and browser plugin for Firefox and Safari.
  • Supported on PCs and Macs.

Flash Player

If you provide samples or full-length streams our Flash Player can be used out of the box or customized to fit your interface.

  • Provide quickly a fully-functional play/pause button.
  • Display the song title being played.
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A REST based HTTP service that is full featured and fast to implement, your media needs can be met by this enterprise solution. More information on MediaNet’s MN Open API

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