MN Open Data Feeds

MediaNet’s data can also be accessed through an XML Feed. The Feeds are large files containing all the metadata and/or the data from the content guide of the catalog for your consumption and service. Performance improves from not having to make so many calls to our system and gain versatility on how you access the data.


  • Entire catalog of the territories you have access to
  • Download the full file and import into your systems for faster access
  • Download daily updates that contain information just on added, removed, and updated tracks
  • Daily updates published generally five days a week: Monday through Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Special access via an FTP site


  • Catalog matching
  • More customized search results and filters
  • View into future releases and useful for content programming
  • Integration with own merchandizing and pricing systems
  • Required for some company’s commerce systems to function properly.
  • Performance (fewer calls to our API).
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