MediaNet Music

MediaNet has been working for over a decade with the world’s leading major labels and thousands of independent labels to give you access to some of the most extensive music catalogs covering multiple content distribution territories. MediaNet has a deep back catalog as well as today’s most popular hits. If there’s a specific type of music and music data you’re looking for to keep your users engaged on your service or application, MediaNet has it.

MediaNet offers multiple catalogs depending on the delivery method (downloads, streaming, etc) and location. With MN Open we cover the US, Canada, and the UK. With our Enterprise Platform, we cover many more.

Music Downloads

Offer your end users high quality downloads of songs and albums through any of our-easy-to-use and versatile Integration Options, including the richest-featured and fastest to implement music API available today.

AAC MP3 Custom

DMCA Internet Radio

We also offer an extensive DMCA Internet Radio catalog and services which are powering some of the best new applications available today.

  • Over 36 Million tracks
  • Artist or Track-based radio playlists
  • Streaming by default at 128kbps Non-DRM MP3 via Flash
  • Mobile support available (64 and 48kbps AAC files; delivery via HTTP Progressive Download, MPEG-DASH, and HTTP Live Streaming)

Streaming and More

Our music catalog is also available through special technology services for enterprise applications including subscription-type services such as interactive or on-demand streaming and other special rights.

Access our catalog within minutes Also learn about

A REST based HTTP service that is full featured and fast to implement, your media needs can be met by this enterprise solution. More information on MediaNet’s MN Open API

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