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MediaNet Announces Partnership with Vybn to Provide Music Catalog and Backend Services

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | October 12, 2020 9:16 am | No Comments

MediaNet, the world’s most advanced music distribution and rights management platform, has signed a deal with Vybn, a user-focused music service that enables users to create their own personalized experiences, to provide music catalog services and licensing support.

Vybn is a new streaming service for music lovers that allows users to create their own personalized radio stations with unparalleled levels of control, and broadcast those stations to other users who share their musical interests. Users can gather a following, record and send messages to their audience, interact live with listeners, and follow featured celebrity radio stations.

Vybn offers users both a free ad-based account option, along with a paid account free of ads. Users can sample Vybn’s unique selection of radio stations without registering for an account, while still listening along to thousands of popular radio stations from Vybn and Vybn users. Thousands of users can join up to listen to and discuss the stations and music that matter to them.

“Vybn is an exciting new way for music lovers to create, share, and enjoy music playlists,” said MediaNet Vice President of Operations, Jeff Wallace. “By offering the ability to broadcast stations to friends, family, and the larger music community, Vybn is bringing a unique listening experience empowering users with the opportunity to become DJs and develop a fan base, built on the strength and flexibility of MediaNet services.”

MediaNet will provide catalog services for Vybn through its turnkey MN Open product integration, which allows music applications to access a rich catalog of over 50 million new and classic tracks for non-interactive, DMCA compliant services. MediaNet’s MN Open product accelerates time to market while maintaining cost efficiency for digital music services.

Featuring label approval facilitation, rapid content delivery and fulfilment, a DMCA compliance API, and SoundExchange-ready reporting, MN Open provides music services with the most robust non-interactive streaming backend and support available in market today.

“Leveraging MediaNet’s vast music catalog and robust API, Vybn is able to offer a world class music radio service,” said Michael Rowton, owner and CEO of Vybn. “MediaNet’s wide range of services enables us to scale growth and build new features for our user base.”

Vybn is available today on the Google Play Store.

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