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Soundcheck #008: Your 5-Minute Recap Of Last Week’s Most Important Music News

Posted by Glen Sears | July 20, 2015 11:11 am | No Comments

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Story Of The Week

Berklee Rethink Music Releases Landmark Fair Music Report, Ignites Massive Debate
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Last week, Berklee College of Music’s Rethink Music project released a 28-page report on the state of transparency and fairness the digital music industry. The report, backed by industry titans like David Byrne and the Future of Music Coalition, suggests that 20-50% of music payments don’t make it to their rightful owners. The report also details the researchers’ recommendations for repairing the opaque and complex music industry payments ecosystem.

Typically artist payments aren’t a part of public consciousness. With the rise of digital streaming services, leaks of Spotify contracts, and Taylor Swift’s stand against Apple Music, the amount of money independent artists are paid (or not paid) has gained international attention. The question on everyone’s minds: where do the hundreds of millions of dollars in the music industry go?

The Fair Music Report attempts to answer this question, using a combination of industry insight and research. The report recommends a “Fair Music” seal for streaming services, a non-profit rights database, cryptocurrency payments, and education initiatives.

Other Important Headlines

The RIAA Responds To Fair Music Report, Says “This Is An Important Subject” – The RIAA goes on to assert that “some of the report’s findings are flawed,” before going on to point out that while major labels’ revenues have dwindled, the amount they pay artists rose 36 percent. Read More

Why The Music Industry Isn’t Transparent, and How To Fix It Right – “It’s simply too easy for big companies to sit on money because they can’t find out who to pay, or don’t care to know. It’s time to demand more accountability and transparency.” Read More

NPR Follows Amazon in Withdrawing From MIC Coalition – “When Amazon took the lead and left this anti-artist Coalition, after concluding the group was ‘consumed’ with lowering payments to musicians, musicFIRST called on NPR to leave as well.” Read More

Ticketmaster Competitor Ticketfly Closes $50M Series D Round – At its core, Ticketfly is pursuing a smarter, more flexible, more social ticketing platform that challenges Ticketmaster. It is now valued at $85 million. Read More

Blurred Lines Retrial Request Denied, Damages and Distribution Ban Cut – Gaye family attorney Richard Busch exclaimed “thrilled with the decision by the Court,” Thicke and Williams expected to appeal. Read More

Final Paid Edition of Music Magazine NME To Publish This Month – The music industry mainstay will be following the move with a brand new free magazine, launching in September. Read More

Marshall Cranks Out a Phone for Music Lovers – With a focus on music and shamelessly beautiful styling, the phone is equipped with stereo speakers, dual mics and headphone jacks, and hifi lossless audio card. Read More

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