MediaNet Announces Deal with Coda Music to Provide Music Catalog and Backend Services

Coda Music uses MediaNet’s MN Open product integration for all music catalog and catalog services in their social radio application.

MediaNet, the world’s most advanced music distribution and rights management platform, has launched an integration with Coda Music, a social music experience that helps users discover great music together, to provide music catalog services and licensing support.

Coda Music is a new streaming service, available now, that contains thousands of micro-communities of like-minded music fans. The app provides users deep customization of their radio feeds, and helps them to get matched with other users to share and discuss their activity and listen to stations together. Coda’s TikTok presence has attracted major influencer users like @mmmjoemele and @derkslurp. 

Coda Music offers users a free ad-based account option along with a paid account free of ads. The application is particularly popular with young users, and provides them a music-based community to discover new artists, make radio stations, and share their musical interests.

“Coda Music is offering users a dynamic music platform to share music and enjoy it together,” said MediaNet Vice President of Operations, Jeff Wallace. “By leveraging the power of the community, Coda Music has created a music service that connects users and gives them a place to share music with each other while growing their musical interests.”

MediaNet’s MN Open product accelerates time to market while maintaining cost efficiency for digital music services. Featuring label approval facilitation, rapid content delivery and fulfilment, a DMCA compliance API, and SoundExchange-ready reporting, MN Open provides music services with the most robust non-interactive streaming backend and support available in market today.

MediaNet will provide catalog services for Coda Music through its turnkey MN Open product integration, which allows music applications to access a rich catalog of over 50 million new and classic tracks for non-interactive, DMCA compliant services.

“MediaNet has been a great partner, helping us scale our new service to 40,000+ MAU in a short time by simplifying our licensing and integration process with the content holders,” said Coda Music CEO, Randall Fusee.

Coda Music is available today on the App Store and Google Play.